August 31, 2019


Hey guys,

So unfortunately it looks like we are going to be CLOSED on Monday due to the incoming storm. As of now, we are planning to have regular classes on Saturday and Sunday, CLOSE on Monday, and maybe Tuesday as well. We will keep you posted with any...

August 30, 2019

Sorry for the late post! Your Friday Chipper is loosely based on 2 of the WODAPALOOZA qualifier WODs. It is not a true chipper, as some of the exercises repeat, but should be fun nonetheless!


August 28, 2019

Great job on that stamina sweat fest today! Please make note of our modified Labor Day Class schedule below. We will keep you posted with our Labor Day schedule as we see how this storm develops.

Here are your Thursday WODs!

Thursday Aug. 29, 2019

CrossFit (7am/9am/5:30pm...

August 28, 2019

Attention CFD Athletes! Labor Day is coming up next Monday and since it is a National holiday, we will be having a modified class schedule. We will have 2 CrossFit classes - 8:30am and 10am ONLY. There will be NO OPEN GYM hours. Since 2014 when we opened, we have been...

August 26, 2019

Here are your Tuesday WODs!

Tuesday Aug. 27, 2019

CrossFit (7am/9am/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm)

Warm-up: 0:00-8:00

Cycle through the following exercises for 8 minutes:

1 minute Cardio (once)


8 HR Push-ups

8 Inverted Burpees

8 Wall Balls

1 Length Pendulum walks


Back Squat


August 26, 2019

Here are your magnificent Monday WODs!

Monday Aug. 26, 2019

CrossFit (6am/7am/9am/12:15pm/5:30pm)


For 8 minutes, cycle through the following:

180m Run

5 Single arm Russian KB swing per arm

5 Bottom up KB Press per arm

5 KB Windmills per arm

5 Goblet pistols to low box...

August 24, 2019

And here we have your Sunday Funday WODs!

Sunday Aug. 25, 2019

EWOD (9am)

For time:

600m Run

40 Burpee Box Jumps 20/24

500m Run

30 Deck Squat Box Jumps 20/24

400m Run

20 Second Hollow Hold

20 T2B

20 second hollow hold

300m Run

10 Calorie Row

10 Over-the-rail hops

10 Inverted Juicers...

August 23, 2019

Saturday morning partner Hero WODs! SO FUN!!!

Saturday Aug. 24, 2019

BEAST Bootcamp:

7-7:45am - #45: 45 minute heavy weight class which may vary between partner workouts, 1 minute max burnout, exercise elimination, and reps for time in a BA-BOOM fashion!.

7:45-8:30am - Boo...

August 23, 2019

Chipper Friday is here!! Enjoy :)

Friday Aug. 23, 2019

CrossFit (6am/7am/9am/12:15pm/5:30pm/6:30pm)


3 Rounds of:

10 Calories

5 Single Leg Glute Bridge each leg w/ 0:05 hold at top

10 step back lunges

15 EB back squats/good mornings/overhead squats (different movement...