Thursday - CLOSED

March 25, 2020

We surpassed 100 fistbumps on SugarWOD today!! We love seeing our CFD athletes keeping the competitive spirit alive and encouraging each other on these tough home WODs! It really goes to show you how strong our CFD community truly is!


It was another long one today for stamina day but you all did awesome!! I know every day probably feels like stamina day so far lol but most of you don’t have anything better going on right now so may as well spend your time working out and getting stronger! Tomorrow, I created a pre-WOD warm-up/strength session followed by a shorter WOD to give you guys a little break. Think of it more as an active recovery day. As usual, it will be available at 8pm tonight on SugarWOD. If you want to be emailed the Home WODs each night, remember to email to be a part of our CFD Home WOD email group!


Matt has been hard at work on our floors at the gym so it will be in tip top shape when we get to re-open again! We have also had a lot of help from many of our CFD athletes with cleaning and organizing the gym which we appreciate VERY MUCH!!! We anticipate being closed at least until March 31st. We will give you an update as soon as we get any more information from either the state or Palm Beach County, but unfortunately we cannot have anyone working out in the gym during this time.


Hope you are all staying healthy and that the home WODs are keeping you occupied!




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