Some Saturday morning FUN!

November 22, 2019

We've got some fun in store for your Saturday morning WODs! And as usual, don't forget about Eleventh Element at 8:30am with Coach Logan Poirier!


Saturday Nov. 23, 2019






600m loop around the block together, then:


Athlete Call Outs!


*Coaches Notes:

Circle up the athletes and have the Coach call on athletes to name warm up movements. The coach controls the reps/time. The coach can improvise and call out movements he/she feels necessary for a proper warm up based on the movements in the WOD.


Then, just for fun:

Touch all the KB's Race!



Partner WOD:


3 Rounds of 90 seconds at each station. 30 seconds rest/transition between stations. 2 minutes rest between rounds. 1 partner working at a time!



1. Shuttle Sprints (40')

2. DB (or KB) Thrusters 20/30 DB, 18/26 KB

3. Row for calories (only 1 rower per team!)

4. Box Jumps 20/24

5. Situps


NOTE: The last round will be a POWER ROUND - 45 seconds of work at each station, 15 seconds rest/transition between rounds.


Crossfit (10am)


Shoulder Warm-up:

1 minute of Jump Rope

10 Big arm circles

:15 Plank hold on palms

:15 Side plank hold L&R

:15 Glute Bridge

5 x Super slow push-ups

5 x Super slow shoulder press*

5 x Super slow wide grip shoulder press*

* w/ PVC or Empty Barbell

5 x Strict chin ups (reverse grip)

5 x Strict Pull-Ups

1 minute of Jump Rope




With a running clock (capped at 16 Minutes),

A1.) Max Strict Pull-ups

(FULL EXTENSION @ BOTTOM to count - straight elbows!)

1:00 Rest

A2.) Plate Pinch Hold x 20-30 seconds

1:00 Rest


x 5 SETS


Plate Pinch Video:



SCORE = Max Strict Pull-ups.




2 RFT:

200m Run

21 Deadlifts 135/205


9 Ring Dips


21 Deadlifts 135/205



Open Gym (11-12)

Make up any WODs or strength training that you missed this week!



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