Wednesday's Stamina Day WOD!

August 21, 2019

We've got a fun new movement for stamina day!! For this one, I need you all to make sure you are focusing on keeping your core tight and maintaining a neutral spine. Remember...A NEUTRAL SPINE IS NOT A STRAIGHT LINE! We all have a natural curve in the lower back, in which the spine arches forward (lordosis). Straightening the spine from this natural curve is NOT neutral, nor is it particularly helpful for much of anything...especially weightlifting! This arch of the lower back creates the most rigid lever arm possible to transmit the force generated by the legs and hips to the barbell. Rounding of the back can reduce the force to the bar by as much as 15%!!! So....DON'T DO IT! Your coaches will be watching...


Here is your Wednesday STAMINA DAY WOD!


Wednesday Aug. 21, 2019


CrossFit (6am/7am/9am/12:15pm/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm)


Stamina Day!



2 minutes of cardio

1 length high knees

1 length butt kicks

1 length RDLs

1 length figure 4’s

10 Wall-facing Air Squats (with arms overhead)

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Deck Squat Jumps


Then, grab a barbell!



The Furious Five!


5 RFT:

5 Deadlifts

5 Power Cleans

5 Bar-Over Burpees/ Bent-Over Rows* (see demo video)

5 Barbell Push-Ups

5 Floor Wipers R/L =1

5 Hundred meter run or row (or 1200m/0.8 mile bike)



55 Front Squats + 55 second Overhead hold


RX = 75/115


*Floor Wiper Standards:

Feet must stay OFF of the ground and come back to center 1 foot off the ground after each side. Opposite foot must make contact with the plate. Feet must stay together!


NOTE: Athletes must have at least 15 lb plates on their bar for the bar-over burpees and barbell push-ups. For athletes with 10 lb plates or less, perform the push-ups on the floor and the barbell rows separately.



On-Ramp (7:30pm)









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