Monday's WODs!

June 3, 2019

Here are your Monday WODs! Also...there will be TIGER PROTEIN BREAD from the Becca Bakery!!




Monday June 3, 2019


CrossFit (6am/7am/9am/12:15pm/5:30pm)




A) Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Sots Press


3 x 5 reps with an empty barbell.


Notes: Think of this exercise as snatch grip behind the neck presses, but from a squat. The more flexible you are, the deeper into the bottom position you have to go.


Demo video:



B) Strict Muscle Snatch from Hips


3 x 5 reps with an empty barbell.


Notes: Pull the bar slowly from the hips to the lockout and pause for three seconds, then lower it to the traps and press it back up after making it touch. Pause for one second before proceeding to lower the bar slowly back to the hips while keeping the legs straight and the upper body vertical throughout the entire movement.


Demo video:



C) Squat Snatch

3 x 3 reps at 75% of your 1RM snatch.

3 x 2 reps at 80% of your 1RM snatch.

3 x 1 rep at 85% of your 1RM snatch.


Notes: Pull it high and catch it low.




For time:

27 Ab-mat Sit-Ups

75 Foot Handstand walk (3 x 25 feet)

21 Ab-mat Sit-Ups

50 Foot Handstand walk

15 Ab-mat Sit-Ups

25 Foot Handstand walk


... Directly into:



Strict CTB Pull-Ups

Strict Ring Dips



Endurance WOD (6:30pm)


For time:


2 Rounds of:

500m Run

500m Row





Mountain Climbers




1 Round of:

1000m Run

1000m Row



On-Ramp (7:30pm)


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