Saturday's WODs, and Day #1 of Handstand Skills!! (NO OPEN GYM)

June 1, 2019


There will be NO OPEN GYM TOMORROW due to Day 1 of our Handstand Skills Workshop from 11am-12pm! The gym will be reserved for those attending the workshop. Coach Lauren Lipman and Rebecca Campbell are looking forward to spending some quality time upside down with you guys! We will have regular classes at 9am (unloaded) and 10am (CrossFit).


Here are your Saturday morning WODs!


Saturday June 1, 2019


BEAST Bootcamp:

7-7:45am - #45: 45 minute heavy weight class which may vary between partner workouts, 1 minute max burnout, exercise elimination, and reps for time in a BA-BOOM fashion!

7:45-8:30am - Boot Camp: A total body work out going back to that old "Boot Camp" style. This class is appropriate for all levels, and the trainer will show modifications when needed! As with all our classes, you can expect a new class routine each week!.




Warm-up, followed by review of WOD complexes!




Part #1 – In a 8:00 Window:

Run 1000m

Time Remaining: Max DB Complex (2 DB snatch + 2 OH lunges = 1, alternate arms) 25/35#


— Rest 2:00 —


Part #2 – In a 8:00 Window:

Run 800 Meters

Time Remaining: Max KB Complex (4 Russian Swings + 4 step-ups = 1) 35/53#


— Rest 2:00 —


Part #3 – In a 8:00 Window:

Run 600 Meters

Time Remaining: Max Burpee Complex (2 burpees + 2 inverted burpees = 1)


Score = total number of complexes! Only count complexes that were completed in their entirety



CrossFit (10am)




A) Power Clean + Split Jerk with Empty Barbell

2 x 5 reps with an empty barbell.


Notes: Technique over speed.


B) Power Clean + Split Jerk


3 sets of power clean & split jerk triples (ie. 3 power cleans followed by 3 split jerks in each set) at 70% of your 1RM clean & jerk.


3 sets of power clean & split jerk doubles at 75% of your 1RM clean & jerk.


3 sets of power clean & split jerk singles at 80% of your 1RM clean & jerk.


Notes: Keep your shoulders over the bar in the pull phase to avoid leaning back, and gradually catch the bar deeper as it gets heavier without the bar ever landing or sliding down to the chest. Whatever way you end up catching the bar in the power clean, it needs to be followed up with an effective re-grip, so that you are prepared for the jerk.


C) Barbell Side Bends


100 reps in as few sets as possible.


Demo video:




AMRAP in 16 minutes:

10 Calories

20 Deadlifts 155/225


200m Run

10 Bench Press 95/185


**OPEN GYM CANCELLED - (11-12pm) - due to Handstand Skills Workshop!!


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