Sunday Fun-Day!

May 18, 2019

Here are your lovely Sunday morning WODs!


Sunday May 19, 2019


Endurance WOD (9am)


5 RFT:

400m Run

21 Right Leg Singles

21 Left Leg Singles

21 DUBs (sub 3:1 singles)

15 Mountain Climbers R/L = 1

15 HR Push-ups

15 High Knees R/L = 1

9 Calories

9 Deck Squats

9 Burpees



Crossfit (10am)



2 minutes of cardio

1 Length Inch worm w/ push-up

1 Length Pendulum Walk

10 Empty Bar Muscle Clean

10 Empty Bar Good morning

Shoulder mobility A (see below)

Shoulder mobility B (see below)


Shoulder Mobility:


A) Narrow Grip Overhead Squats


2 x 5 reps with an empty barbell.


Notes: Start by using a narrower grip than your snatch grip and continue making it more narrow with each set. The goal is to use the narrowest grip possible, but without losing the lockout by bending the arms, letting the bar come forward or pressing the head excessively through the window.


B) Narrow Grip Overhead Squats w/ 3 second pause


2 x 5 reps with an empty barbell.


Notes: Continue to decrease grip width from above sets. Pause for three seconds in the bottom- and top positions on each rep and stand completely still while counting.


Strength: Clean work...


A) Monkey Fuckers - sorry again about the name! :/


10 unbroken reps with an empty barbell.


Notes: Move from the bottom of a jefferson curl into the starting position of the clean and back again to complete one rep. Pause for three seconds in both end-positions.


B) Clean Pull


4 reps at 100% of your 1RM clean & jerk.


3 reps at 3-5 kg (5-10 lbs) more than the previous set.


2 reps at 3-5 kg more than the previous set.


1 rep at 3-5 kg more than the previous set.


Notes: Keep the shoulders over the bar in the starting position and through the pull and get the full extension by extending the entire body, including getting up on the toes, while keeping the upper body vertical instead of opening up the hips and tilting the upper body back.




4 RFT:

10 DB snatches 35/50

8 single-arm DB high pulls

6 single-arm DB Thrusters

4 single-arm DB Overhead Lunges

200m Run


*Every DB movement is reps PER ARM. Must complete all reps on one side before switching to the other.




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