Thursday's WODs and Cool & Fit Event!!

April 25, 2019

Don't forget! We are co-hosting the Cool and Fit Event tomorrow evening from 4:30-7pm at Delray Dermatology + Cosmetic Center! Come learn about the amazing benefits of CoolSculpting and how working out and eating right can boost your confidence and take your results to the next level. I know many of you have asked me personally about my CoolSculpting experience after I had the treatment done on myself a few months back, so this is your chance to come learn more about it! Come enjoy food and beverages, participate in pop up work outs, learn about coolsculpting, and enjoy huge savings, raffles, consultations and more! Our friends Delray Beach CRYO and Fia's Fresh Meals will be there as well! Hope to see you guys there!




Here are your Thursday WODs...


Thursday April 25, 2019


CrossFit (7am/9am/5:30pm/7:30pm)



A) Clean Deadlift

3x5 reps at 95% of your 1RM clean & jerk.

3x4 reps at 105% of your 1RM clean & jerk.

3x3 reps at 115% of your 1RM clean & jerk.


Notes: The starting position has to be identical to that of a clean, not a conventional deadlift. In the top position, the legs have to be straight and the upper body vertical so that the body is straight as an arrow while avoiding opening up the hips and tilting the upper body back


B) Clean Complex:

EMOM for 5 minutes at 75% 1RM C&J:

Clean Deadlift

Hang Power Clean

Hang Squat Clean



C) Static Shoulder Raises 3 x max hold. 5 kg plates for the men, 2.5 kg plates for the women.


Notes: Watch the instructional video and pay attention to how the plates are positioned and forearms and hands are relaxed:






3 RFT:

600 Meter Run

20 Box Jump Variations (See below)

20 K2E/T2B/C2B (one movement each round)


Box Jump Variations:

Round 1 – Burpee Step-ups 20/24

Round 2 – Burpee Box Jumps 20/24

Round 3 – Box Jumps 24/30



Endurance WOD (6am)


4 RFT:

800m Run/Row (alternating rounds)

20 Pull-ups (sub = ring rows)

20 Push-ups

20 Ab-mat Sit-ups

20 Squats



Unloaded WOD (6:30pm)




Shoulder Mania!

Three sets of:

20 Dumbbell Lateral Raise

20 Dumbbell Front Raise

20 Dumbbell Strict Overhead Press

(perform as a complex.)

Rest 2 minutes



Same as CrossFit today since it’s already unloaded!


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