Open WOD reminders and Monday's WODs!

March 4, 2019

Hey guys! A friendly reminder regarding Open WODs...


Performing Open WODs is NOT permitted during scheduled class time unless prior permission and arrangements have been made with a coach. We give plenty of opportunities to perform the Open WODs and are one of the few CrossFit gyms who provide open gym hours every day of the week. If you can't make any of our open gym hours or designated Open WOD times (Friday evenings and Sunday mornings at 10am), please talk to one of your coaches so we can accommodate you. Thank you for your cooperation :)


On that note, tomorrow is that last day to submit your scores for Open WOD 19.2! Make sure you get your scores in by 8pm tomorrow so we can validate them!


Also, check out our Team Dimensions Page tomorrow and vote for your favorite Open intramural team cheer! The winning team will be awarded 3 spirit of the open points for week 2!


Here are your Monday WODs...


Monday March 4th, 2019 - REEB'S DUE DATE!!


CrossFit (6am/7am/9am/12:15pm/5:30pm)



Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes (10 sets total):

Option 1: Strict muscle up (ring or bar ) x 1

Option 2: Strict C2B or C2R pull-up

Option 3: Strict pull-up with 3 second BACH hold (no bands)

Option 4: Jumping pull-up with 3 second BACH hold


1 minute rest, then:


Alternating Tabata for 4 minutes:


1. Clean grip overhead barbell hold (20 seconds)

2. Active hold in bottom of back squat (20 seconds)

*Bar never touches the ground for the duration of the Tabata cycle (4 minutes).


Suggested weight:

RX: 75/115

SX: 55/75




5 RFT:

5 C&J 95/135

10 Pistols (sub single leg squat to small box – NO ARM ASSISTANCE!)




Endurance WOD (6:30pm)


5 RFT:









Maters of Running



Inverted Burpees


On-Ramp (7:30pm)




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