A Barbell-less Monday!

January 14, 2019

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful weekend! We have a big favor to ask of everyone who is coming to the gym to work out tomorrow...Coach Matt and his very handy friend Chris Parfitt spent 5+ hours fixing the dip in the floor at the front of the gym (see pictures). They added barbed wire reinforcements and poured new concrete which has to settle before it can be walked on. PLEASE DO NOT WALK (and especially do NOT lift) ON THIS AREA. We will not program barbells in the WOD for the next couple of days for the sake of space (but will still continue our Wendler program as scheduled...don't worry Tabs!), however the WODs will still be just as challenging (if not more) with KBs, DBs, and other fun toys! Thank you so much in advance for your cooperation and respect for all of Matt and Chris' hours of sweat and hard work to improve our WOD space!




Here are your Monday WODs...


Monday Jan. 14, 2018


NOTE: Next 3 teams to sign up for Tuff Love - a CFD In-House Partner Competition! will get 20% off registration! You must register by Jan. 25th to participate so grab a partner and GET ON IT!


CrossFit (6am/7am/9am/12:15pm/5:30pm)




Week 2, Day 3


3 reps @ 70%

3 reps @ 80%

3+ reps @ 90%



3 x 10 Skull Crushers (with barbell or DBs)

6 sets of 30 seconds push-ups/30 seconds rest

*If you can’t do push-ups for 30 seconds straight, hold a plank while you are resting, but do not come out of the push-up position until the allotted 30 second rest time!




AMRAP in 20 minutes:

30 KB SDLHP 53/70

20 No-Wall balls* 14/20

10 KB Snatch 53/70

20 MB Torso Twists

30 Goblet Squats 53/70

100 Mountain Climbers


GOAL = 2 Rounds

**If you were wondering what "no-wall balls" were...they are just like a wall ball but without the wall! You will squat and throw the wall ball up to an unspecified target. The ball must leave your hands but it does not have to go to a certain height. It cannot touch the wall or any stationary object. You will catch the medball and continue with your next squat :) FUN!



Endurance WOD (6:30pm)


3 Rounds of each section, for max reps. 1 minute at each station:


Part A)



Jumping Jack Tuck Jumps


Part B)

1 minute to run 200m

Deck Squats

Plank up-downs


Part C)


Hollow Rocks

Step-ups 20/24

*1 minute rest between sections. No rest between the 3 rounds of each section.



On-Ramp (7:30pm)


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