Saturday morning WODs & December Challenge of the Month!

December 1, 2018

Big congrats to our November Challenge of the Month winners: Jennifer and Ginge (yet again!). Your Starbucks gift cards are on their way! Jennifer and Ginge both completed their 30 Devil's Presses in a speedy 2:10! Awesome work guys!


Next month, we will be incorporating the barbell into our monthly challenge. Your December Challenge of the Month is:


Max reps of BODYWEIGHT back squats in 1 minute!


Rules: Everyone must be judged by a coach. You will weigh yourself on bathroom scale before attempting the challenge. If your weight in pounds does not land on a multiple of 5, you will round up! For example, if the scale reads 137, you will round up to 140lbs. Each back squat must pass BELOW parallel and then up to full extension at the top. Your judge will count your reps and tell you when you have a no rep. Score is total reps in 1 minute. Should be a good one!


Here are your Saturday morning WODs...HAPPY DECEMBER!!


Saturday Dec. 1, 2018


BEAST Bootcamp:

7-7:45am - #45: 45 minute heavy weight class which may vary between partner workouts, 1 minute max burnout, exercise elimination, and reps for time in a BA-BOOM fashion!

7:45-8:30am - Boot Camp: A total body work out going back to that old "Boot Camp" style. This class is appropriate for all levels, and the trainer will show modifications when needed! As with all our classes, you can expect a new class routine each week!.


Unloaded WOD (9am)



10 minutes of jump rope and abs!

Minute 1: Singles

Minute 2: Ab-mat Sit-ups

Minute 3: 30 sec right leg only/30 sec left leg only singles

Minute 4: Contralateral V-ups

Minute 5: Single Leg Singles

Minute 6: Hollow Rocks

Minute 7: Backwards Singles

Minute 8:

Side plank (30 sec. per side)

Minute 9: DUBs

Minute 10: Travelling flutters




Against a three-minute running clock, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:


3 Burpee Pull-ups

6 KB Swings 35/53

9 Goblet Squats 35/53

12 Mountain Climbers


Repeat for a total of five sets, resting 60 seconds between sets. Pick up each set where you left off when the last ended. Score = total rounds + reps!



CrossFit (10am)



Perfecting the Power Clean…


5 total sets, building to a heavy set. Reps do NOT have to be unbroken. Go for quality over quantity (as always)


5 Clean Deadlifts

4 Clean Pulls from floor

3 Hang Power Cleans

2 Power Cleans

1 Squat Clean




AMRAP in 7 minutes:

10 Push Press 75/115

15 Kettlebell Swings 35/53


Rest 2 minutes, and then…


AMRAP in 7 minutes:


10 T2B



Open Gym (11-12)

Make up any WODs or strength training that you missed this week, or give a stab at our DECEMBER CHALLENGE OF THE MONTH!!





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