Tuesday's WODs!

October 29, 2018

CrossFit (7am/9am/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm) 




A) Dowel Pass-throughs x 12 x 2


Notes: Maintaining a lockout at the elbows, reach the dowel as far away from your body as possible and bring it all the way around your body to touch behind your back.


B) Snatch x 10,8,8,6,6 x EMOM-5


Notes: One movement, ground to overhead.. you know the drill.  Power snatch is fine.  Keep that bar close to your body!


C1) Skullcrushers x 35-75lbs x 10 x 2


Notes: Lying on a bench, barbell in your hands like a close-grip bench press, keep your elbows where they are and bring the barbell over your forehead to touch, then extend at the elbow to return to your starting position.



C2) Pushups (no lockout) x AMRAP x 2


Notes: Drop set!  Right after you unrack, lying on the floor and doing push-ups to failure, never hitting a full lockout.  Keep moving until you faceplant :)




For Time:



Hang Power Cleans 95/135

Ring Dips






CrossFit Endurance (6am)


Complete the following for time, BUT you have to run 400m every 5 minutes starting at 0:00!


50 Calorie Row

40 Squat Thrust Plate Jumps (45# plate)

30 Push-ups

20 Deck Squat Plate Jumps (45# plate)

10 Calorie Bike

20 Burpee Pull-ups

300 Singles

40 Mountain Climbers

50 DUBs (3:1 Singles)

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