Saturday morning WODs!

October 5, 2018

Welcome to the weekend! Here are your FUN Saturday morning WODs!


Saturday Oct. 6, 2018


BEAST Bootcamp:

7-7:45am - #45: 45 minute heavy weight class which may vary between partner workouts, 1 minute max burnout, exercise elimination, and reps for time in a BA-BOOM fashion!

7:45-8:30am - Boot Camp: A total body work out going back to that old "Boot Camp" style. This class is appropriate for all levels, and the trainer will show modifications when needed! As with all our classes, you can expect a new class routine each week!.


Unloaded Partner WOD! (9am)


AMRAP with your partner in 30 minutes:

Row 1000 meters

50 Over your partner burpees

400m Rope Run (together – must hold the same jump rope so you are attached to each other)

300 Unders

200 second hold (both partners must be working at the same time. One holds plank while the other holds wall sit. If one stops, the other must stop as well)

10 Box Jumps on EVERY HEIGHT (10 on 20 inch box, then 10 reps on 2’’, then 10 reps on 30’’. Step-ups are permitted and still considered RX…but jumping is faster! Switch between partners whenever you see fit)



CrossFit (10am)



A) 10 Hollow Rocks x E-30s x 6


Notes: Create a hollow shape with your body, reaching your hands as far back as possible and point those toes, then rock back and forth.


B) 3 x 15 Sec Ring Dip holds (top)


Notes: Holding the top of your ring dip, locked out at the elbow, insides of your arms pointing forward, rings kept close to your body.


C) 3 x 15 Sec Ring Dip Holds (Bottom)


Notes: Holding the bottom of your ring dip, biceps touching (but not resting on) the tops of the rings.


D) 3 x 15 Sec Handstand Holds (back to wall)


Notes: Jump up against the wall and hold it!


E) 3 x 5 Strict Handstand Push-ups (or kipping)



Put ab mats under your head if necessary. Try not to extend your back as you press.



10 KB Snatch (right) 35/53

10 OH Lunges (right)

180m loop

10 KB Snatch (left)

10 OH Lunges (left)

180m Loop

10 Squat Cleans 95/135

180 Unders

10 Push Press 95/135

180 Unders



Open Gym (11-12)

Make up any WODs or strength training that you missed this week, or get a score up on that board for our September CHALLENGE OF THE MONTH!! Let’s get some more names on that board!





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