Monday's announcements and WODs!

September 24, 2018

A couple announcements before we get to your Monday WODs...


1. Please take a look at our Team Dimensions page to vote on the focus for our next 4-week strength cycle, starting Monday Oct. 1st! You have until Wednesday evening to vote and we will announce the winning focus on Wednesday night! Then, Brian Hallam will be getting to work...creating something special for us :)


2. Who's ready for some friendly competition to support a GREAT cause! Next Saturday Sept. 29th, our friends over at Crossfit HYPE are hosting their first annual Temperance Training OutWork Addiction Fundraiser to raise funds for Temperance Training. Temperance Training offers free workouts to those who have been sober for 24hours or more, and allows individuals to come into a supportive community that are in constant search of progress. Temperance has had over 2,500 people through our doors in the past 12 months for a free workout from the local sober community. Our own coach Jeremy Plummer is also very involved as a coach and participant of Temperance Training. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to him! For more info and to see the WODs, go to


And are your Monday WODs!


Monday Sept. 24, 2018


CrossFit (6am/7am/9am/12:15pm/5:30pm)



20 minutes to complete five sets of:

Snatch x 1.1

(rest 10 seconds between singles)

Rest as needed


Work only as heavy as perfect mechanics and good speed will allow. Build over the course of the 5 sets from approximately 70-90%.




2 RFT:

24 Calorie Row

24 Box Jump Overs 20/24

24 Power Cleans/Squat Cleans 95/135

24 OTB Burpees


Round 1: Power Cleans

Round 2: Squat Cleans


*24 minute CAP!



Endurance WOD (6:30pm)


12 minute AMRAP:

200 Run

15 Box Jump Overs 20/24

10 Atomic Lunge Complex 25/35 (atomic sit-up + lunge right + lunge left = 1)

5 Burpee Plate Jumps


Then from 15:00-25:00, you have 10 minutes to RUN 1 mile


At 25:00:


12 min AMRAP:

100 Singles

20 Squats

10 HR Push-ups

5 Inverted Burpees


3 scores:

1. First AMRAP

2. Time for 1 mile run

3. Second AMRAP




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