Wednesday's WOD and a 6:30pm ROWING CLINIC that you don't want to miss!!

June 26, 2018

Wednesday June 27, 2018


CrossFit (6am/7am/10am/12:15pm/5:30pm/7:30pm)



Since many of us missed out on Tuesday’s strength due to the length of the WOD in the bigger classes, we will give it as an option for today’s pre-WOD. Please have an idea of which of the options below you would like to do prior to class starting so you will be able to set up quickly and accordingly. The loads for options 2 and 3 are at your discretion. Challenge yourself with a heavy load, or use this session as active recovery or technique work.


Option 1: Tuesday’s Strength

EMOM x 5:

5 Jerk Dips at 100% 1RM Jerk

EMOM x 5:

3 Jerks at 75% 1RM


Option 2:

5 x 2:00 sections of:

180m Run or Row

3 Power Cleans

3 Squat Cleans


Option 3:

5 x 2:00 sections of:

180m Run or Row

3 Power Snatches

3 Squat Snatches






AMRAP in 15 minutes:



Deadlifts 95/135

Unbroken Hang Bear Complexes* 95/135 (BURPEE PENALTY!! – see below)

Pistols (right leg only)

Pistols (left leg only)


The Hang Bear Complex =

Hang Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

BTN Push Press


*Remember the sets of hang bear complexes are supposed to be “unbroken” which means the bar cannot touch the ground (hence the hang position). If you do drop the bar, you must complete 10 OTB Burpees before you can pick it back up and continue where you left off.



6:30pm – ROWING CLINIC w/ Chris O!

For tonight’s SKILLZ class, we will be having a special ROWING SEMINAR hosted by collegiate rower and CFD athlete Chris O! Chris will be breaking down proper rowing form, as well as providing tips and techniques to increase your rowing efficiency! Efficient rowing technique not only improves your speed and power on the rower, but also translates into improvements in many of the other movements we do in CrossFit. Don’t miss out! See you at 6:30pm SHARP!



On-Ramp (7:30pm)




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