More Regionals-inspired WODs!

May 22, 2018

More Regionals-inspired WODs are going up on a Tuesday...


Tuesday May 22, 2018


CrossFit (7am/9am/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm)




4x3 Paused Jerks (dip and Catch)

+5-10 lbs from last week. How do our positions feel?



Inspired by Regional Event 4:


For time:

2 rounds of:

10 FULL snatches (aka with a squat!) 95/135

12 burpees


Then, 2 rounds of:

10 FULL snatches 65/95

12 burpees


*If unable to drop directly into a squat during the snatch, catch in the power position and slowly lower down until the hip crease is below the knees (or as deep as your proper form permits)


Post-WOD extra work:


3 Rounds of:


10 Single Leg RDLs per leg (weighted – preferably using a lightly loaded barbell. Keep hips squat to the front)


Assault Bike Invervals (:30 fast, :30 slow, :20 fast, :20 slow, :10 fast, :10 slow)


CrossFit Endurance (6am)


More regionals fun...


Inspired by 2018 CrossFit Regional Event 1:


"Double 2"


For time:

2,000-m row

200 double-unders (sub 3:1 singles)

2-mile run


For the 2 mile run:

Run north on SE 2nd

Left on 4th street (Lake Ida)

Left on Swinton

Left on SE 3rd

Follow the bend until you arrive back at the box


Want the real deal? Then go for "Triple 3!"

"Triple 3"

For time:

3,000-m row

300 double-unders

3-mile run


For the 3 mile run:

Head out as if you were running a 400m, but continue to swinton and then turn left.

Left on 10th Street

Left on SE 5th (federal)

Left on Atlantic

Left on Swinton

Left on 3rd

Follow the bend until you arrive back at the box




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