Sunday's WODs!

April 28, 2018

Let us present...SUNDAY FUNDAY!! Last day to get your key tag for checkins if you don't have one already. Mandatory check-ins start Monday! Here are your Sunday morning WODs...


Sunday April 29, 2018


Endurance WOD (9am)


5 rounds of:

1 sub-0:45 250-m row (sub 1:00 for ladies)

50 unbroken double-unders

200m Run (*run increases by 200m every round. So round 5 will be 1000m)



1 Round of superlegs! (20 squats + 20 lunges + 20 split jumps + 10 squat jumps)


If the row takes longer than 45/60 seconds, or if you trip up on your double-unders, redo it before moving back to the other exercise.


Intermediate option:

1 sub-1:00 250-m row (sub 1:15 for ladies)

50 unbroken singles


Beginner option:

1 sub-1:15 250-m row (sub 1:30 for ladies)

30 singles



Crossfit (10am)




AMRAP in 15 minutes

Back Squat (150% bodyweight for men, 125% BW for women)

Shoulder Press (70% BW for men, 60% BW for women)

Deadlift (150% bodyweight for men, 125% BW for women)


Start with 1 rep each. Increase each by 1 rep per round.

Complete an ascending ladder of the 3-movement complex, increasing by 1 rep per round. So, perform 1 back squat, 1 shoulder press, 1 deadlift. Then 2 back squats, 2 shoulder presses, 2 deadlifts. Then 3 of each, etc. until the 15 minute clock stops.



For each movement, pick loads that are heavy but allow you to easily complete 3-4 reps when fresh. As fatigue sets in and the reps increase, break each movement into smaller sets so you can maintain solid mechanics.


Post-WOD Assistance work:


3 Rounds of:

15 GHD Sit-ups or weighted sit-ups

10 Oblique V-ups per side

40 second 3-legged plank hold (20 seconds per leg)




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