Wednesday's WOD, strength, and yoga!

January 3, 2018

That WOD was a killer today!! Welcome to 2018! Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, our new strength program will be alternating between lifting days and gymnastics work. Typically we will be doing our strength days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, however that may change depending on the week because this is CrossFit and you've got to be ready for anything! Constantly varied functional movement performed at a high intensity...yup yup!! Sunday will continue to be a strength make-up day. Since we missed Monday this week, tomorrow (Wednesday) will be another strength day, but his time with a gymnastics focus. And also don't forget about yoga with Lexi at 6:30pm!! Here is your Wednesday WOD and strength!


Wednesday Jan. 3, 2018


CrossFit (6am/7am/10am/12:15pm/5:30pm/7:30pm)



Alternating EMOM x 12

1: 5 Ring dips w 2 sec support in top and bottom position

2: 5 pullups with 2 second support at top

Use weight if necessary!





100m Dumbbell (or KB) Farmer's Carry 35/50

10 Alternating Dumbbell Squat Snatches 35/50 (power snatch to OHS is fine)

10 Deficit Dumbbell Push-Ups

10 calorie Row

10 second L-Sit Hold (On Dumbbells)

10 Toes-to-Bars


Then, 100 Double-Unders (sub 3:1 singles)


Then, 3 Rounds of:

8 Squat Cleans 65/95

1 Rope Climb

8 Single leg deadlifts per leg 65/95 (FORM!!)

*1 minute plank hold BETWEEN rounds



6:30PM – yoga with Lexi!



On-ramp (7:30pm)






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