Sunday morning fun...

November 26, 2017

Endurance WOD (9am)


2 RFT:

600m Run

50 Squats

30 Sit-ups

400m Row

50 Lunges

30 Push-ups

400m Run

50 Box Jumps

30 Superman

600m Row

50 SL Singles on each leg (no alternating)

30 Burpees


*45 minute cap!


CrossFit (10am)




Make-up Day! Make up any of the 4 strength sessions that you missed this week.

**Please plan in advance which day you are going to make-up and the coach will be your guide to assist you with any movements you have questions or need clarification about.

**See previous posts for assistance work



Push Press 5x4 @70%

+5-10lbs from last week

Seated DB alternating Strict Press 4x6
Build in weight from last week
This week hold both DB extended and while one arm is stable overhead, the other performs a press.



2 Power Cleans EMOMx10 @ 80% + 5-10lbs from last week


Front Squat 4x3 (3311)

+5-10 lbs from last week



Deadlift 4x4 (3 second negative, no dropping)
+5-10 lbs from last week

4x8-12 single Leg Hamstring Curls on Box
Nice and slow




4 Rounds:

AMRAP 1:00 at each station:

Hang Power Cleans 65/95

Dumbbell Snatch 35/50

Floor Press 65/95

Rest 1:00 between rounds




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