Sunday's WODs!

October 8, 2017

Sorry to those of you who didn't get the memo that our CFD party has been postponed! We will either be doing a Friendsgiving party in November or a Christmas sweater party in December...but we'll keep you posted!!


Here are your Sunday morning WODs...


Sunday Oct. 8, 2017


Endurance WOD (9am)


3 RFT:

20 Calories

30 Sit-ups

40 DUBs (3:1 singles)

50 Air Squats

60 Marching Lunges

700m Run (around block)*


700m Run:

Run to the lights at swinton and turn left, left on 3rd, follow 3rd around to the front of the box!



CrossFit (10am)




Make-up Day! Make up any of the 4 strength sessions that you missed this week.

**Please plan in advance which day you are going to make-up and the coach will be your guide to assist you with any movements you have questions or need clarification about.



A) 3 x 10 UH barbell rows @ 50-75% bodyweight

B) 7 x 5 1sec paused bench press at 85% of 3RM

C) 3 x 10 wide grip bench @ 70% of previous set's weight



A) 200m KB Farmers Carry @ 53/72 (per hand)

B) 4 x 25 hollow rocks

C) 4 x 5-8 strict pull-ups



A) 4 x 8 push press @ 70% of 3RM bench press

B) 8min AMRAP:

20 sec. L-sit

20 sec. hover hold

20 sec. chin-over-bar pull-up hold

20 sec. hollow hold



A) 15sec FALSE GRIP dead hang holds x EMOM5

B) CTB bent arm chin hangs x 70 sec @ BW

C) 30sec protracted high plank hold



Every time you fall, high plank hold for 30 seconds. You want to be rounding your upper back as much as possible and try to be on the tops of your shoes (shoelace side) so you are not using friction to hold yourself up.




2 RFT:

25 Pull-ups

50 Sit-ups

25 Overhead Squats 65/95

50 DUBs


Accumulate 3 rope climbs at any point during the WOD (sub = 30 ring rows)






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