Sunday's WODs & Strength Make-up Day

September 23, 2017

Sunday's programming...


**Please come prepared for 10am strength by knowing which day you would like to make up (see all strength days from this past week below


Sunday Sept. 24, 2017


Endurance WOD (9am)


2 RFT (*on round 2, cut all reps and runs in HALF):

800m Run

60 Calorie Row

800m Run

400 Unders

800m Run

20 Calorie Bike



10 Burpee Pull-ups

10 Burpee Box Jumps

10 HR Burpees



CrossFit (10am)




Make-up Day! Make up any of the 4 strength sessions that you missed this week.

**Please plan in advance which day you are going to make-up and the coach will be your guide to assist you with any movements you have questions or need clarification about.



A) 3 x 10 Ring Rows @ BW

B) 3 x 2sec Paused Bench Press x building to ""max"" triple

C) 6-10 Close-grip push-ups @ bodyweight x EMOM8



A) 5 x 5 Overhand deadlifts @ ~70%

B) 4 x 25 hollow rocks @ BW

C) c) 4 x 25m suitcase carry / hand @ 25-40% bodyweight



A) Max effort weighted chin-up

B) CTB bent arm chin hangs x 60 sec @ BW

C) 30sec protracted high plank hold



A1) BW Ring Dip hold at lockout x 20sec x 4

A2) BW Ring Dip hold in bottom x 20sec x 4

B) 4 x 6 Jefferson curls @ 15-45lbs

C) 4 x 5 3sec eccentric Dragon Flags





With a partner, complete the following for time!

*Only one person working a time. Split reps however you see fit. If doing the workout solo, cut reps in half.


For time:

120 DUBs

60 C2B Pull-ups

60 Hang power snatches 65/95

60 Wall Balls 14/20

120 DUBs





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