Thursday's WODs!

April 20, 2017

Great job on that killer Double Bear WOD!! We will have to do that again sometime...since you all had so much fun :P Also, thanks to Natalia for an awesome yoga class tonight! It will be great to have yoga back on for every Wednesday night at 6:30pm!


Just a reminder that our Tribute WOD for Officer Braswell is this Friday at 5:30pm/6:30pm. The WOD will be scheduled for all Friday classes so if you can't make the tribute event in the evening, you will still have the opportunity to workout in honor of Christine in the morning. Shirts will hopefully be here for the morning classes as well, but if not definitely for the evening. If you reserved a shirt, it will be put aside with your name on it so we make sure you get it. If you have any questions about the WOD/schedule on Friday, feel free to email me at :)


Here are your Thursday WODs!


Thursday April 20, 2017


CrossFit (7am/9am/5:30pm/7:30pm)




DEADLIFT – 5 sets of 5 reps at 75%


Superset with:

5 Tire Flips

100m Sled Push

100m Sled Pull

1 minute plank hold

15 GHD Back Extensions




9-6-3: Hang Power Cleans (95/135), HSPU

9-6-3: Thrusters (65/95), T2B

30 Wall Balls 14/20

15 Power Snatches 65/95



Endurance WOD (6am)


Bike conditioning:

EMOM for 8:

8 calories (women)

12 calories (men)


Rest 2 minutes


Row conditioning:

EMOM for 8:

10 Calories (women)

15 Calories (men)


Rest 2 minutes


Run conditioning:

EMOM for 8:

200m Run


Rest 2 minutes


3 Rounds of Tabata:

1. Ab-mat Sit-ups

2. Contralateral V-ups

3. 1 minute plank


Score = completion



Unloaded WOD (6:30pm)



Goblet Squats 35/53




KB SDLHP 35/53

HR Push-ups



KB Swings 35/53

Hollow Rocks







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