17.TEAM is...

March 31, 2017

The final day of the 2017 CFD Open Intramural is upon us! We will still have our regular Friday morning classes and open gym from 4-5:30pm.


Morning Classes (6am/7am/10am/12:15pm)




For time:

10 TGUs

20 Burpees

30 Calories (15 row/15 bike)

40 Wall Balls 14/20

50 Push-ups

60 Rig Reps (20 K2E/20 T2B/20 Pullups)

70 Ft. OH Plate Lunges 25/35

80 OTP Laterals

90 second plank hold

100m SPRINT!!


At 5:30pm the "17.TEAM" WOD will begin! We will do a group warm-up together followed by some pre-WOD prep and then we will start the timer promptly at 6PM! If you did not participate in the CFD Open Intramural, you are still welcome to come and do the TEAM WOD with us!! The more the merrier! We will be making a separate team of independents for anyone who wants to participate, but is not on an intramural team. If your intramural team has people missing or who are unable to make it, that means more work for everyone else!!! OH WELL!!!


Our CFD Potluck PARTY will begins as soon as we are done with the team WOD (probably around 7:30pm). We will give our winning team a chance to put their tickets in the raffle and there will be one last opportunity for everyone else to purchase raffle tickets before we do the draw. We will post the winning tickets, but if the prize is not claimed by midnight on Sunday we will do a re-draw!


I will post the list from the whiteboard of what people are bringing to the potluck later tonight. We will have a variety of goodies so you can bring whatever strikes you fancy...healthy or not!!


Now the moment you've all been waiting for...17.TEAM IS....




17.TEAM WILL....








17.TEAM IS....




17.TEAM!! (5:30pm)


"Pick Your Poison"


At each "Choice" the team must choose which exercise they will do and then ALL members must complete rx'd distance or rep scheme for the exercise chosen (**TWO ATHLETES WORKING AT A TIME!!). In between choices each member must complete each exercise at their "Base station"...The exercises for the base stations will be pulled out of a hat prior to the start of the workout. One member from each team will pick an exercise out of the hat, we will write the exercises/reps on the whiteboard, and the begin!! Preparing for the unknown and the unknowable…now that’s CROSSFIT!!


At the Base Station team members must rotate one exercise at a time after ALL members have completed the designated number reps.


Base Station = ?????? TO BE DETERMINED!!!


Choice 1: Run or Row Relay

1600m run or 2000m row


Base Station


Choice 2: Top or Bottom

100 HSPU's or 300 Squats


Base Station


Choice 3: Push or Pull

200 Push ups or 150 Pull Ups


Base Station


Choice 4: Up or Down

200 Box Jumps or 100 Burpees


Base Station


Choice 5: Climb or Hang

15 Rope Climb or 70 K2E


** Up to 2 members working at a time except at Base Station/or relays**








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