Sunday PARTNER WODs! And some important announcements!

October 2, 2016

It's partner WOD Sunday so bring a friend! Lots of fun in store!


SWEAT ANGELS UPDATE: #breastcancerawareness


Since it's the start of a new month, we have a new hashtag for your check-ins and a new charity to support! For the month of October, we are partnering with Bright Pink to provide breast and ovarian cancer risk assessments. Every 3 check-ins gives 1 woman access to a breast & ovarian cancer risk assessment. Bright Pink is focused on saving young women’s lives through the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer. Their innovative programs educate and equip young women and their doctors to assess their risk for breast and ovarian cancer, reduce their risk, and detect these diseases at early, non-life-threatening stages.To learn more about Bright Pink, check out their site at: When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #breastcancerawareness to your posts. It’s a great way to remind your friends of why you’re checking in! Together we can help prevent cancer!




P.S. If you haven't heard of Sweat Angels, here's how it works... Sweat Angels makes a donation to a great cause every time our members check-in on Facebook. Thousands of gyms use Sweat Angels, and that's why they're able to make such a large impact each month. If you need some help checking in on Facebook, just stop by the front desk and we'll show you how!


OCTOBER'S CHALLENGE OF THE MONTH: Longest stationary free-standing handstand hold (no walking!)


Starting THIS MONTH we are going to be instituting a new challenge every month. As CFD athletes, you can attempt the challenge as many times as you’d like throughout the month (during open gym, post-WOD, etc) and we will keep a running scoreboard of the top 10 males and females. The winning male and female CFD athlete will get a prize at the end of each month!


Now onto your Sunday PARTNER WODs!


Sunday Oct. 2, 2016


Endurance WOD (9am)


Pre-WOD: Interval training: 3 x 400m Row, Run or 1K Assault for time!

Record AVERAGE time. Must finish all 3 sets within 15 minutes.






25 minute AMRAP:

25 DUBs

20 Calorie Row

15 Slam Balls 20/30

10 Marching Lunges

5 Double Down Burpees


While one partner is chipping away at the reps, the other partner is accumulating towels from the towel bucket which will be located 250m away from the gym. Therefore, you must run and grab a towel from the bucket and bring the towel back to the gym. Your score in the end will be total Rounds + reps. Every towel counts as 1 round!



CrossFit (10am)




EMOM for 10 minutes:

Squat Clean

Hang Squat Clean





In teams of two, you and your partner will move through five stations trying to score as many reps/points as possible in the following movements:


60 seconds of Kettlebell Swings 35/53

60 seconds of Rest

60 seconds of Push-Ups

60 seconds of Rest

60 seconds of Box Jump Overs 20/24

60 seconds of Rest

60 seconds of Burpees

60 seconds of Rest

60 seconds of Ab-mat Sit-ups

60 seconds of Rest


One partner works for the entire 60 seconds, and then rests while their partner works for 60 seconds. Each partner will cycle through until they complete each station three times.


NO YOGA THIS SUNDAY. Next Sunday Oct. 9, there will be yoga at 11am with Robyn!


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