Monday's WODs and new strength program!

June 13, 2016

Another Monday coming right up! We're going to kick start the week with day 1 of our new strength program. Great work with the last one...lots of PRs last week which was awesome to see!!


Monday June 13, 2016







400m Run

5 HR Burpees

10 Up-down dogs

10 Superman

10 Juicers

10 Spiderman Lunges w/reach




A new strength program starts TODAY!! We will still be incorporating the power lifts this they are the best for building strength. However, we will also add some Olympic lifting in as well so that our strength gains can translate to functional fitness! We will change our schedule to 2 strength days followed by 1 stamina day.


DAY #1:


Back squat:

10 reps @ 60%

3X10 at 70%


Power clean+push press (complex):

5 reps @ 60%

3X5 at 70%



Another Competitors Training Benchmark…


“Harley Love”


6 RFT:

13 Thrusters 65/95

14 Pull-ups



Endurance WOD (6:30pm)



UNBROKEN DUBs (sub = 2:1 singles)

200m Run after each set



Calorie Row


Calorie Assault

Broad Jumps



On-Ramp/Open Gym (7:30pm)






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