Sunday's BRIDGE and BEACH WOD!!

May 21, 2016

Alright guys!! I hope you are all SUPER EXCITED for our bridge and beach WOD tomorrow!! This is going to be a FREE community workout so bring your friends and family! Everybody is welcome! Remember we are starting the classes 1 hour earlier than normal so the bridge EWOD will start at 8am to beat the heat and the beach WOD will start right after at 9am. I was going to keep your workouts a surprise, but then I changed my mind so you can all get mentally prepared! Both the bridge and beach workouts are going to be challenging but definitely do-able so do both! The only equipment we will be using on the beach is towels (so bring a towel if you can!), beach balls, pails, sand, water, and of course your fine tuned machines!! (aka your bodies) Also, make sure you bring a water bottle or two and sunscreen (y)

**In the event that it is raining, we will have our usual classes at 9 and 10am at the box, but check Facebook or our website because I will make an announcement in the event of bad weather. But let's hope for the best! Email if you have any questions!


Sunday May 22, 2016


Endurance WOD (8am) - meet at the corner of Linton and A1A (there is a parking lot across from Atlantic Dunes Park that you can park in)




Running Drills

Dynamic Stretches


Then… It’s Bridge Time!!


Bridge Run #1 – Easy Running

Bridge Run #2 – Sprint up/Jog down

Bridge Run #3 – Jog up/Sprint Down

Bridge Run #4 – Backwards up/forwards down

Bridge Run #5 – Side shuffle (facing south) up/side shuffle (facing north) down

Bridge Run #6 – Pick your pace with 20 mountain climbers every 20 strides



CrossFit (9am) - we will walk over to the beach at Atlantic Dunes park after we are done with the EWOD




Beach Circuit!

1. Bear Crawl Suicides

2. Beach Ball Pass-Throughs

3. Over-the-towel Squat Thrusts

4. Beach Ball V-up Push-ups

5. Over-the-towel broad jumps

6. Beach Ball Toe Taps

7. Knee-Deep Suicides

8. Beach Ball Glute Bridges

9. Ocean Egg beater

10. Beach Ball Split Squats




Team Relay Race!!



DETOX (11am - at the box)

This is a 45 min class. The first half hour will be a cardio/endurance sweat-out, followed by a 15 min deep athletic stretch and recovery.




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