Sunday morning WODs...

October 17, 2015

Here are your Sunday morning EWOD at 9am and CrossFit at 10!


Sunday Oct. 18, 2015


DETOX (8am)

This is a 45 min class. The first half hour will be a cardio/endurance sweat-out, followed by a 15 min deep athletic stretch and recovery.  



Endurance WOD (9am)


2 RFT:

1000m Run

400m Row

400m Run

1000m Row

300 Unders

100 Mountain Climbers



CrossFit (10am)




WODapalooza qualifier WOD #5:


In 5 minutes, complete for total cumulative load:

5 Clean & Jerks


** You may make as many "attempts" over the course of the 5 minutes, but once 5 successful reps are hit, you are DONE and you can start adding up your score.  Therefore, have a plan before you start and stick to it!  If you are registered to compete in the qualifier, make sure you video the entire WOD and announce your weights before you lift them.





WODapalooza qualifier WOD #6:


RX version:

6 minute AMRAP Ladder:


Ring Muscle-Ups

Squat Snatches 95/135


Intermediate/Scaled version:

6 minute AMRAP:

Hand release burpee pull-ups (on rings)

Squat Snatch 65/95


4 minutes REST


Then, PART B)


6 min. Med-ball AMRAP Ladder:


Wall Balls

Deck Squats (holding med ball)

100m Med Ball Run


**If you are registered to compete in the WODapalooza qualifier, you will do PART A first so you are fresh.  If you are not competing, you may do PART B first, followed by the 4 minute break, and PART A.




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