Sunday Funday!

May 2, 2015

Get out your note's time for Build-a-WOD at 9am tomorrow!!  Here are your Sunday WODs...


Sunday May 3, 2015


Endurance WOD (9am)


A) Choose one of the following:

- Running

- Rowing

- Jump Rope


B) Choose one of the following:

- Sit-ups

- Push-ups

- Squats


C) Choose one of the following:

- Sandbag

- Slam Ball

- Kettlebells


…write down your selections and bring to class.  Your rep scheme will be revealed after all your selections have been submitted.



CrossFit (10am)






Pick the power lift that you are weakest at (deadlift, bench press, or back squat) and build up to a 3RM



Powerlifting Mania!


Part 1)

3 minutes to:

Run 400m

AMRAP Back Squat 115/185


1 minute Rest


Part 2)

3 minutes to:

Row 400m

AMRAP Bench Press 85/185


Part 3)

3 minutes to:

Complete 50 DUBs (or 120 singles) AND 

10 Over-the-bar Burpees

AMRAP Deadlifts 155/225


Part 4)

3 minutes to hold weighted wall sit for as long as possible!  You will be holding a 10/20 lb DB straight out in front of you.  You CANNOT bend your arms! Every 15 seconds counts as 5 bonus reps to be added to your score (max 40 bonus points)


SCORE = total reps + bonus points


**REST 2 minutes in between sections**




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