Saturday morning WODs...1/31/2015

January 30, 2015

Nice job on those "trips" today to everyone who attempted and or succeeded with them!  Had a handful of RX's for our chipper which was AWESOME.  Let's get ready to take on the are your Saturday morning WODs!


Saturday Jan. 31, 2015 (Last day to register for WODaMania if you haven't done so already!)


BEAST Bootcamp: 

7-7:45am - #45: 45 minute heavy weight class which may vary between partner workouts, 1 minute max burnout, exercise elimination, and reps for time in a BA-BOOM fashion!

7:45-8:30am - Boot Camp: A total body work out going back to that old "Boot Camp" style. This class is appropriate for all levels, and the trainer will show modifications when needed! As with all our classes, you can expect a new class routine each week!


Unloaded WOD (9am)



10 minutes of Alternating EMOM:

Odd - 10 Toes 2 Bar

Even - 15 Box Jumps (practice rebounds if possible)





3 Rounds: 

1 minute Row for Calories

1 minute Ab-mat Sit-Ups

*Rest 1 minute in between rounds


Rest 2 minutes....


3 Rounds:

30 seconds max Burpee Tuck Jumps

30 seconds max KB Swings 35/53


*Rest 1 minute in between rounds


CrossFit (10am)


Strength: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


Build up to a heavy set of the following complex:

Thruster / push press / push jerk / split jerk


(A thruster followed by a push press followed by a push jerk followed by a split jerk without dropping the bar is one rep.) 




3 RFT:

75 Air Squats

50 Single-arm KB Shoulder-to-overhead 35/53

25 Hollow Rocks


Olympic Weightlifting


• Snatch - 70%x2, 75%x2, 80%x1, 85%x1, Heavy Single; 80%x2x3 (% of Heavy Single) 

• Clean & Jerk - 70% x (2+1), 75% x (2+1), 80%x1, 85%x1, Heavy Single; 80% x (2+1) x 3 (% of HS) 

• Back Squat - 78%x4, 83%x1, 78%x4, 86%x1, 78%x4, 88%x1 

• Push Press - 70%x5x5 




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