December 4, 2014

ATTENTION MEMBERS!! Registration for the Lurong Living 2015 Resolution Challenge is now open!! We have registered Crossfit Dimensions - East Delray Beach as an affiliate so you just have to make sure you register under the gym name. Here is some more information about the challenge:


The 2015 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge is a 5 week new year's resolution challenge focused on helping you achieve your goals through diet and fitness. Everything is centralized on their proven online platform. You will see results, you will be challenged, and we will be with you every step of the way. The Challenge site will walk you through each step of the way and remind you exactly what to do next.

The 5 week Challenge is broken down into 3 Phases starting January 19th: Benchmark Testing (1st week), Transformation Phase (middle 3 weeks), and Benchmark Retesting. During the Benchmark Testing phases you will be performing 1 benchmark workout with 3 standardized skill levels. You will also having your body measurement taken and your initial weigh-in. During each week of the Transformation phase you will be challenged with surprise Challenge WODs designed to test your skills and practice key movements.

Throughout the Challenge you will also be tracking your diet, setting and tracking your resolutions, lifestyle markers, trying new recipes, learning, interacting with the community, and competing against your friends and the entire nation. You can compete both as an individual and for your affiliate team.


The Resolution Challenge features 3 diet options: Elite, Pro, and Starter Each level has a clear set of guidelines for what foods/beverages/ingredients are encouraged, banned, or allowed in moderation. You have the flexibility to chose any level for any meal, and are rewarded accordingly. The levels provide a challenge for even the most experienced and health conscious, while being manageable for those just getting started. No matter what size of the spectrum you are on the Resolution Challenge will be an enlightening and rewarding experience. Come as you are. Transformation starts right where you are. While most people only dream about the destination, you will learn how to enjoy the journey.


For all workouts including the benchmarks, there are 3 standardized skill levels which make them not only exciting for top competitors but also accessible and appropriately challenging for those just stepping into the box. These are the perfect testers to see how your training is progressing leading up to the Opens. No matter your level of fitness, you will have fun and be challenged. Most importantly, you WILL improve.
Athletes who prove their prowess can win performance prizes for each workout. We will award prizes for the top athlete performance in each division in each for the benchmark workout and the challenge WODs. Don't think it is only the ELITES who have a chance to win. We will award the top performers for each skill level. So let the competition begin. In order to be eligible for performance prizes athletes must submit a video of their performance. 


The nutritional philosophy is simple; eat real foods, control insulin response (blood sugar), and try to balance each meal and snack with a protein, healthy fat, and good carbohydrate. Their 3 diet level guidelines and standards reflect our philosophy and are supported by the scientific data we have collected in previous challenges. The world of nutrition can be scary and overwhelming, but the Lurong Living Resolution Challenge makes it easy to follow and succeed. Beyond their general guidelines listed in the rules, you have access to our food search feature where you can search for a food or a category to find if it is allowed, banned, or ok in moderation. If a food isn’t there, ask them and they will let you know and add it to the list. Their goal is not to create nutritional doctrine; it is to help you see real results and establish a new lifestyle. You will learn how your body responds to removing certain foods or food groups and the benefits of replacing them with more nutrient dense healthful options.


They have a full time staff dedicated to answering any questions you may have during the Challenge. And they really do love to help and answer questions. You also have thousands of like-minded and dedicated participants who are ready to share. So make sure to check out the forum and ask your questions to the community in the forum. If you cannot find the answer there or under the FAQ section, please don’t hesitate to use the contact us form. 

Here is the link to the registration site:

Let's do this!! GO CFD!!!



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