Sunday BEACH WODs!!

October 19, 2014

Guess what tomorrow is!...BEACH WOD SUNDAY!!  And boy do I have lots of fun in store for all of you.  Feel free to invite your friends and will be a WOD Social free for all to participate!  We will still have our regular schedule consisting of our endurance WOD at 9am and our regular CrossFit class at 10am.  You can come to one or the other or BOTH!  For those coming to the endurance WOD, we will meet in the Atlantic Dunes parking lot and start at 9am SHARP.  At 9:50am we will venture across the street to Atlantic Dunes beach where we will have our 10am class.  Post a comment on here if you have any questions about where to meet or anything else.


Here we go!


Sunday Oct. 19, 2014


Endurance WOD (9am)


Bridge repeats!


Warm-up: 8 min. jog (4:30 out, 3:30 back)


Running drills and dynamic stretches (don’t forget to bring your coordination!)


Strength: Highway to Hammyville!


6 sets of 1 up-hill bridge SPRINT + downhill recovery jog.

No more than 30 seconds rest between sets.  You’re downhill jog will serve as your recovery.  We need to train our hearts to recovery FASTER which will also help us in our WODs!


Speed work: Downhill Quad BLASTER!


Start with a light very easy jog to the top of the bridge.  As soon as you step off the silver grating SPRINT to the bottom!  Once you get to the bottom, turn around and repeat, starting with the jog back up to the top.  Complete 6 downhill sprints total.


Cool-down: 6 min. easy jog (3 out, 3 back)

Static Stretching

Head to the beach!!


CrossFit (10am)



The Beary Burpee and Crabby Relay Extension!


Skills:  Running Long jump competition!


More Skills:  Static handstand hold competition


WOD:  The over-under team challenge!


Cash-out: Ribbit ribbit


That’s all I have to say about that!  See you all bright and early tomorrow!



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