Monday WODs - 8/18/2014

August 17, 2014

WOW…thanks for all of you who came out for the Battle of the Gyms Obstacle Race.  That was something else!  Probably the hardest (and longest) workout a lot of you have ever done!  Coach Matt and I are extremely happy with our CFD representation and effort!  You all did AWESOME and you should be proud of yourselves :) Now get some much needed rest and get ready for another week!


Monday Aug. 18, 2014



Find your MAX Snatch, then perform the following complex EMOM for 5 minutes at 70% of your 1RM:

• Snatch Deadlift

• Hang Power Snatch

• Overhead Squat

• Snatch Balance


Fight Gone Bad style:

1. Floor Press 65/95

2. DB Snatch 25/35


4. T2B

5. Atomic Sit-ups 25/35


**During 1 minute rest between rounds and at end: DUBs!!  Add reps to total score**


BEAST Bootcamp (8:30-9:30am)


NEW CLASS!!  MadDog 30/30: The class will be split to focus on 30 minutes of cardio training and conditioning, and 30 minutes of strength training. 


CrossFit Endurance (6:30pm)


Partner time!


Row 1200m (absolutely NO ROWING unless partner is maintain plank position.  As soon as partner comes down, you MUST switch)


100 burpees AND 1 mile of running (burpees can only be performed while partner is running).  Partners have to run at least 200m at a time.  Once mile is completed, the remaining burpees must be done with a jump over your partner)


400 Jump Ropes while partner holds wall sit (absolutely NO JUMP ROPES can be performed unless partner is holding wall sit!)



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