CrossFit is a unique strength and conditioning program that involves “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” The goal of Crossfit is to create a broad, general, and inclusive fitness that would best prepare us for any physical encounter – the unknown and the unknowable.

“Our specialty is not specializing.”

Unlike sport in which specific skills are trained to specialize in one or two aspects of fitness, Crossfit programming is designed to train all 10 dimensions of fitness without favoring one at the expense of another.  By increasing our work capacity across all dimensions of fitness, we will increase our ability to tolerate a high workload and to recover sufficiently for the next workout or physical encounter.



CrossFit Endurance is a specialized endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance for sports potential and it is an ideal compliment to your CrossFit training.  Our endurance classes still involve a WOD just like our regular CrossFit classes, however the E-WODs are generally longer and tailored towards to endurance athlete.  E-WODs involve activities such running, rowing, jump rope, plyometrics, and other locomotive movements.



CrossFit UNLOADED is a barbell-free class designed with the same intensity as our regular CrossFit classes, but without highly technical barbell movements that take time and practice to develop.  It is the perfect alternative for those you want to do CrossFit style workouts without having to pick up a barbell.  You can use CrossFit UNLOADED classes as a stepping stone into the standard Crossfit classes, an alternative on a de-load week, or to experience the high intensity of CrossFit workouts without the risk of injury involved in the highly technical barbell movements.



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