Unlimited classes (includes all class types)

  • Adults: $150/month + tax

  • Full Time Student/Public School Teacher: $100/month

**Discounts available for Law Enforcement/Military**


3 Classes/Week

Adults: $110/month + tax


2 Classes/Week

Adults: $90/month + tax


1 Class/Week

Adults: $65/month + tax


UNLOADED Membership

  • Includes unloaded, endurance, Bootcamp, and SKILLZ classes.

  • Adults: $90/month + tax


On-Ramp One Month Beginners Program

  • Includes endurance, unloaded, and on-ramp classes

  • Recommended prior to joining the regular CrossFit classes

  • Beginners: $55 for your FIRST MONTH only   

  • Private (1-on-1): $200 for 4 1hr. sessions (covers all movements in on-ramp program)

  • After your first month (or 4 private sessions), you have the option to purchase a regular CrossFit membership or UNLOADED membership.


Drop In

$20/day (no t-shirt)

$25/day (with t-shirt)

$50/week (no t-shirt)

$60/week (with t-shirt)


Friends & Family Discount:

We offer 15% off for groups of 3 or more who join at the same time, and 10% off each for couples who join together at the same time.


Member Referral Program: 

50% off the next month's dues for the member making the referral. CFD gives back! 



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